For more than 260 years, Douwe Egberts has been synonymous with exceptional coffee. Their unique concept of Cafitesse liquid coffee offers all the benefits that you would require, great quality, great tasting consistency, efficiency and ease of use.

Medium Roast

Full bodied coffee with a fresh, pure and balanced taste. Blend consists mainly of central and South American coffees like Columbian, Peru, Brazil and a small quantity of high quality Robusta.

Dark Excellence

A dark pure roast and ground taste with wonderfully rich aroma. Made from 100% Arabica it is delicious as a black coffee but also makes a great cappuccino or latte. Superior Dark Excellence is also 100% UTZ certified.

Selection Coffee

Selection Coffee is well balanced with a good acidity and body, Selection has a slight caramel aroma on the nose and is dark in taste, with hints of marzipan and a clean after taste.

Excellence Compact Machine

The excellence machine is designed to deliver a wide choice of coffee blends and drink variations.  From strong expresso to indulgent cappuccino, milky latte macchiato, tasty sweet chocolate.  The Cafitesse excellence compact means you can maintain impressively high standards that please everyone’s preference.

  • Holds 1.25 litre packs
  • Fills a cup in 17 seconds
  • 560mm (h) x 386mm (w) by 420mm(d)
  • Height with door open 800mm
  • Clearance with cup/drip tray 104mm
  • Clearance without cup/drip tray 160mm

Excellence Machine

Cafitesse Excellence sets a new benchmark in roast and ground coffee quality.  A combination of superior roast and ground coffee, with a stunning, highly capable yet hassle free machine, the Excellence Machine allows you to confidently serve more customers with a full range of delicious speciality drinks at any time.

  • Holds 1.25 litre packs
  • Up to 600 cups per hour
  • Delivers a cappuccino in less than 12 seconds
  • Height Door closed: 692mm
  • Height with door open 920mm
  • Only 2 minutes cleaning time per week


Introducing the next generation Quantum 110.  A high performance, energy efficient roast and ground coffee machine, perfect for high volume demand, delivering up to 600 cups per hour if required.  No waste, no mess and simple to use. Suitable for back of house for jug service.

  • 4 direct selection buttons (including hot water)
  • Black coffee (cup or pot)
  • 770mm (h), 260mm (w), 522mm (d)
  • 10 Litre boiler size
  • Only 2 minutes cleaning time per week
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